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In the fight to legalize the Canadian pharmacy purchase of prescription drugs in Canada, safety is the FDA’s number one argument against imports. But the reality is that the risk of buying dangerous drugs in Canada is no higher than in the United States. Suppose you buy a car recorderContinue Reading

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And, certain enough, if we take a look at historical past’s greatest inventive geniuses, there’s anecdote after anecdote of them being absolutely fucking looney tunes. Igor Stravinsky believed he may solely turn out to be impressed to put in writing music if he did headstands. In the early days ofContinue Reading

The sad truth is that criminals target travelers, especially in and around hotels. The abundance of hotel spray guards (USA) security literature does not seem to deter criminals from using hotels as a target for their profession. An informal survey of hotel security officers shows that old patterns of re-crimesContinue Reading

Raj is a period in the history of India 印傭 that will never be removed. The Raj is a euphemism for British rule and a period that remains an indelible part of Indian history. Unlike Muslim rule, which caused the tyranny and oppression of Hindus, Raj was completely different. ItContinue Reading